This website is powered by Astro as the static web generator combined with Vue in the mix. Stylings are powered by UnoCSS, an on-demand atomic CSS engine.

Website is hosted with 100% renewable energy on Cloudflare Pages. Site analytics are powered by Plausible.


Color palletes are taken from Untitled UI with a few twist of my own.

Pretendard is a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface suitable for cross-platform applications and multilingual typography. Pretendard is used as the all-purpose for body and headings alike.

JetBrains Mono is a monospaced font created by JetBrains and distributed under the SIL Font License. JetBrains Mono is used in codeblocks and miscellanous accents.

Graphical Contents

All header images in my posts are taken from Unsplash unless specified. Credits can be found as a text on the bottom of the image. Diagram-like images are generated with Miro.

Icons are handpicked from the combination of Lucide for the general UI icons and Simple Icons for all brand icons.

Icons are served with the help of Iconify.


The design of this website is influenced by multiple sources I stumbled upon. Below is the list of inspirations that influences this website in no particular order:

Open Source

This website is open-sourced and can be found on my GitHub. If you notice any mistakes in this website, feel free to create an issue.