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Hello there. My name is Cristopher, but I'm commonly known as Namchee in the online space. I'm a software engineer based in Bandung, Indonesia. Currently, I create practical solutions at GLAIR.

I stumbled upon the world of code when I was searching for a way to cheat at a Facebook game during my junior high school days. Although my account got banned for trying to cheat, the journey serves as my first step into software engineering.

Outside of professional work, I love playing around new tech I have discovered during my daily exploration. Whenever I feel the burnout is approaching fast, you can find me playing video games with my trusty little war machine or building my reading habit.

Selected Projects

  • Fav

    Modern favicon generator for modern websites

  • Conventional PR

    Prevent bad PRs through set of customizable rules

  • OJK Invest API

    Check the legality of Indonesian financial products

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